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Together, we can keep our packages safe.

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LOCADED in-store shelf

Use local businesses to help more neighbors and expand your safety net.

We connect with local businesses in the community. We take advantage of the store’s strong capacity to protect more packages and bring additional revenue to the store.

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Step 1.

Let your neighbors know you joined the community by using our stickers.

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Use our stickers to tell your neighbors that you joined the community and are ready to help protect packages.

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Step 2.

Set up the shelf to protect packages for your neighbors.

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Users can store their packages according to their own preferences or use our specifically designed shelves to provide orderly protection for their neighbors' packages.

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Step 3.

Let your neighbors know where to find their packages.

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Users can use our in-store signs to guide their neighbors to their packages and use our brochures to spread the word of LOCADED.

Introduction Brochure


Safety Tips Brochure


Why Neighbors Brochure

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